We refresh our menu several times a year to reflect the flavors and festivities of each season – and we’re also happy to customize a menu for any occasion.

Festival Menu

April – August

Our festival menu is a reflection of Chef Chris Blackburn’s inclination toward elevated American comfort food. Funky flavors and playful plating combine to evoke feelings of spending a day with family at the state fair or soaking up sunshine with friends at a neighborhood street fest. It’s a fusion of imagination and elegance, happiness-on-a-stick, fancy food truck fare, and the stuff of childhood lunchbox dreams.

Every item on our festival menu can be dressed up or down, so share your wildest ideas and we’ll work with you to bring them to life – from a backyard barbecue, to a swanky cocktail party, to a multi-course plated chef’s tasting experience – anything is possible.

String up some garden lights, break out the rock speakers, and reach out to plan your own private Great Full Plate festival experience!

Past Seasonal Menus

A celebration of all things festive, designed to warm hearts and bellies with flavors fit for an unforgettable Friendsgiving feast or a spectacularly decadent New Years soirée. Each dish is inspired by the moments, memories, farm-fresh ingredients, and distinct tastes unique to autumn and winter.

Captures the bright, fresh, sun-soaked sensations of summer while moving into the warm, rich, cozy flavors of fall. It’s been said that “there shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart” – and each dish on this menu is designed in that spirit of eternal gratitude and extending the summer season for as long as it will last.